Sunday, June 20, 2010

If...If Only

If only i could capture this moment,where everything seems perfect,
If only i had the power to again and again feel the beautiful after effect(s).
if only i can go back in time and relive the enchanting moments.
If only i could freeze the time,
take a snapshot of it for an everyday rewind.
If only i knew it before,
If only my fussy mind didnt wanted it once more.
If only i had you,to hold on to.
If ..If only !
Only if each moment strives to be even more enticing than previous one
Only if future has moments full of frolic and fun,
Only if it promises to be better than the best of today,
Only if theres no room for dismay

Then i won't long for If..If Only
As i know its always gonna be even better than i want it to be.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Mumbai vs Bangalore

It would be unfair to compare between places one where i spent 3 years(Bangalore) and one where im going to complete an year(Mumbai) just a few days henceforth.

I landed in Bangalore completely unaware of what i will learn and gain from my experience staying here.Well i must admit it was an experience of a lifetime.
While Mumbai welcomed me with Monsoons in full swing.It was Dirty and yet Beautiful in its own very way.

Like almost every North Indian i always thought South Indian means "Madrasi" (no offence meant )until i landed in Bangalore where i discovered Tamil,Telugu,Kannadiga,Mallu.
Life is undoubtedly survival of fittest coupled with basic necessity of Roti,Kapda and Makaan. The toughest challenge for all North Indians to survive in Southern part of India is FOOD.While each day bangalore amazed me with the nth varieties of Dosa (which i still love) but i still cant forget shelling out money for authentic North Indian food every now and then.With office cafetaria serving all North Indian dishes garnished with coconut somehow my fussy stubborn taste buds never got acquainted with it.
Mumbai on the other hand is perfect and i savour almost every Maharashtrian and Gujarati dish (minus the sweet dal,kadi etc).I am in love with the variety of snacks gujarati's have discovered,funny names though.I dont remember a single day cribbing about food unlike Bangalore.
"With Bangalore i certainly bid farewell to bad food days".

I simply adore Bangaloreans or shall i say south indians for their non materialistic approach to life,for possessing Simple living high thinking unlike North Indians anyday.
Mumbaikars dont care attitude coupled with non interfering nature surely is a treat for everyone staying here.With ultra cool and high on style quotient Mumbai is surely the fashion capital of country.

What i love about Mumbai is travelling.Commuting is just so easy(leave aside the rush in local trains at peak hours).After a harrowing experience every other day arguing with every other Auto rickshaw wallah in Bangalore Mumbai surely comes as a pleasant respite.
With superb and safe night life and so many weekend getaways unlike Bangalore where only option was Mall/restaurant hopping I am so in love with the city.Mumbai is city where art/cinema belongs,with amazing plays staged with maximum running shows and for the longest duration.
With Property rates soaring new heights day after day everywhere ,Mumbai certainly top the charts where a 1 BHK @Khar is sold at whopping 4.5 crores.
After staying in Mumbai all houses in Delhi/bangalore somehow seem big,wide,spacious and airy to me.While its a luxury to have an apartment with Balcony in Mumbai,but a sea facing house just covers it all.
I so miss my Bangalore apartment or should i say mansion.Well to me now it seems more of a mansion.

Overcrowded,untidy,messy,bad infrastructure ,poverty don't deter me from loving the city of Dreams.I love the Rains i love Monsoon i love the people and so I love Mumbai.

Apart from the pros and cons of the place its the people around you who make the place home away from home.I am surely in love with the city of dreams Mumbai but no place can come even an iota closer to Bangalore as those were and will always be the best days of my life with memories worth cherishing till eternity thanks to the people who made it special in every way.

Heres celebrating one year in Mumbai and reminiscing good old days in Bangalore!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I am not privileged i am OVER PRIVILEGED!!

That was exactly my state of mind when i got a chance to go to Dharavi(Read
Mumbai is surely a city of dreams and have all stratas of people from Ambanis to Khans to Rubina&Azhar(Slumdog fame).
Narrow lanes,dingy houses,naked malnutrition-ed kids,Hygiene being a word not acquainted with Dharavi was my first impression of one of the largest slums of Asia.
We spoke of India Shining back in 2009 but i guess India was shining would be more appropriate.With 77% of population surviving on less than 20 Rs a day,we being a remarkable youthful country,the onus lies on us how we can harness the talent and work toward the upliftment.Upliftment of not only underprivileged but upliftment of ourselves in terms of our responsibilities and contribute towards the change.It's up to us to wither up or make the best of what we have.
We might go to many places(Read 5 star,Carter Road,Bandra the list is endless) and think we are underprivileged but then there is no end to man's greed ,which in all ways is justified and natural,Striving towards the best in life is vital.But to stop by and think how lucky we are in many ways is imperative.
I am blessed to have witnessed and felt one such lucky day in my life and hope everyone can.
To quote from MJ's song
"We can't go on Pretending day by day
That someone, somewhere will soon make a change
We are the world We are the children ,
We are the ones who make a brighter day ,
So let's start giving........"

Friday, March 19, 2010

Maya "Memsaab"(aka Behenji)

MAYAWATI:First ever "Dalit" women to be sworn in as a Chief Minister.The only person after Saddam Hussein to built her own statue.Need i say more.Self obsession has a new name MAYAWATI.Utterly Disdainful for me.
Recently on occasion of Kanshi Ram's(founder of BSP)birthday Mayawati was presented with a garland of currency notes.Ironical to the fact that many "Dalits" who have elected her might not be making more than 1000 Rs a month for living.While the opposition might still be in argument of Crore Vs Lakh (the total cost of the garland),the question still is for how long and how much will the public see the sheer wastage of their hard earned or say black money(even that need efforts unlike politicians).
An endless list of questions follow :
How much more money will be wasted surrounding Garland controversy?Print Media,Electronic media,IncomeTax Investigation etc.Another crore of Rupees,where BSP will bribe people like anything to subdue the matter.

Why the UP police have to beat couples for PDA (Public display of affection) calling it moral policing and there is no such policing for Public Wealth on such atrocious display? Such double standards. The UP police can however lodge an FIR for who let the Bees out during the Rally?

Why the Shiv Sena (who have half the party Members employed to keep a track on who said what and when?who considers an issue of Shahrukhs statement of inclusion of Pakistani players in IPL far more important than actually questioning the sheer wastage of money.

Why the MNS goons have nothing to do?Have they forgotten the Garland Money belongs to every Indian (for me Maharashtrians are Indians and not separate entities) or are they so indifferent to Maharashtrians settled in UP, that they don’t really care about them and their money.

Given a chance every Indian can come forth and add a question to this list.But who shall we seek the answers from is another unanswered question?

I would rate myself a novice in Politics. But have absolutely no intention to master this subject. A little knowledge is definitely a dangerous thing but an A-Z knowledge in Politics would be Deadly.
As a common man I just know one thing i witnessed recently HALL OF SHAME: Indian Politics.I don't need it anymore!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Valentine 14Feb 2010

Amongst all the fuss about approaching Valentines day i have decided to do something different.
If i rewind 25yrs back and analyze the one person whom i loved more than myself then it has to undoubtedly be my MOTHER .
Wikipedia says "Valentines day is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sending greeting cards (known as "valentines")".
Reminds me of the fact when was the last time i made a card for my Mom saying Happy Birthday to the best Mom in the world,hmm maybe when i was in 3rd or 4th grade.Henceforth what followed was expensive/materialized/non personalized gifts to pamper my mom,but can the most expensive gift in the world replace the value and memories of that hand made personalized stuff.No never!!
Heres to my Fun overload,Super cool,Super chill,best friend and companion for life my Mom:
Thanks would just belittle for whatever you did for me and would do in future but here's a toast for you Mom
The pain and joy you went through when i was born,for the roller coaster emotional drive when between dad,brother and me you were torn..
When as a child i have screamed and cried at the weirdest of times,have forced you to change your long awaited plans.
Have troubled you with my falling grades,my sensless stupid demands and wild thought process.
When you have dealt with the my emotional outbursts,my deepest darkest confessions been the pillar of support and given me the strength to stride.
Inculcating the best of values which i am sure you are proud of and will always be.
I know at this phase of life when i should be with you,i am little away from you pursuing my and yours(Dads as well) ambition.All your hardwork to see me successful and happy.
If one day i am granted three wishes(i know im greedy cant do with just one ;)) it would certainly be being blessed with you as my Mom forever and ever..
Cause i know Your love will endure me through time.

Someone rightly said as GOD cant be everywhere he made Mom..

Oh im little deviated from topic i sense It was Valentines day but oops seems Mothers Day special.Neverthless coming back to the point,So this Valentine i have decided to pamper my mother.I might not be around that time with you mom but when i am home next pending Valentines celebration is assured.

So my Valentine for 2010:My MOM.
Love you forever Mom.. :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The prelude to Indian Arranged Marriage

The Big Fat Indian Wedding...(Excerpts from My brothers wedding)
Although i strongly believe there are many flaws in the concept of arranged marriage but like two sides of an unbiased coin it is wrapped with its sheer bliss of happiness surrounding two souls who are soon to be soul mates and union of two families.

Scene 1:
Lead Role:Parents A(Groom) and Parents B (Bride)
A date is "arranged" by the parents(i wonder how now they become so broadminded ;))guy meets girl,It clicks(heard by many of my friends,clicking factor yet to click me..hope it does) and they decide to take the final plunge.
Two happy families deciding on next set of events/dates/arrangements.
Right from younger cousins,evil sister,mom,dad,chacha,chachi,mausi,mausa etc.. start pulling leg for no reason..the groom as expected blush & when is too tired blushing throws tantrums that he dont like all this..

Scene :2
Supporting actors:close relatives
Just few days before the D day arrives so do relatives from far flung areas.Its one fun chaos@home.

No one bothers to ask the groom if all his preparations are done(who cares if he has matching tie or not ;).Ladies not really worried about arrangements but extremely concerned about not having a saloon booked in advance,not having matching accessories and how they had to struggle to get that perfect sari for there bhanja/Bhateeja(etc).Its fun.

Scene 3:
Extras:450 guests.
D day arrives.

Madness,craziness,everyone tired tensed praying all should go well.
Some 500+ guests arrive: congratulate praise/criticize,market there respective children,plans to hook up someone else's kid if not there and witness another grand wedding.

After 3 4 hrs its just close relatives and friends.(3-4 hrs affair eat up half the bank balance but is not called a showoff).I reckon amongst 500+ guests not more than 50 people interested in beginning of a lifetime journey for the Bride and groom.

Scene( no number for this cause i don't know where it fits)
Lead Role:Bride and Groom
Photographers suggesting poses,clicking snaps.You feel like a celebrity.You are in your own way.

Scene 4:
Rituals start and begins the never ending Pooja.
Pooja starts as soon as the groom arrives.Short break..
Pooja again after continues till wee hours of the morning..
The bride is welcomed to her new heavenly abode..and again a pooja..
(P.S I am sure itni pooja kisi ne exam ke result (jismein fail hone wale ho usse) pehle bhee nahi kee hogee
Peechle and aane waale 7 janmao ke paap mitt gaye

Scene 5:
Lead Role:Eunuchs
The D company should hire them as they are masters in extracting money.

Scene 6:
Ohh some pooja was still left to be performed at Bride's place.

Scene 7:
And now is what and when i would say for the bride and groom
"And they lived happily ever after"

P.S: No offence meant,i myself love Big Fat India Weddings.I loved writing this as i relived moments from my brothers wedding.i wish if it can happen again with same caste and crew,i would love to do many things which i couldn't at the first attempt.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Monstrous Monday

Right from childhood i had this strange and strong disliking for that day of the week called Monday.Every individual have different hopes aspirations and targets set for the following week.A student plans how to convince their parents for xyz thing,a lover is all geared up to meet his girlfriend after two days,a trader is all set to make gains once the market opens,everyone with set goals.A fresh start and new beginning.But amongst those individuals there are people like me who ruin half of there last day of happy weekend thinking of Monstrous Monday.During school all weekends were ruined studying for "Monday tests".College was no better,thinking about ragging,travelling 36km one way,nothing concrete to look forward to except the gossip sessions.Come the mundane working life mondays come in the most ugly form,setting alarms the previous night,snoozing alarm to almost an hour Monday morning and a lot more.
Sipping coffee/tea,discussing about weekends,movies,cribbing about how i hate office on Mondays and eagerly waiting for Friday to come,i open my mailbox see my meeting/discussion invites and to do list,yawn(&yawn) and start working,thats my start of the week.

Thats what i call My aversion for that day of the week "M.O.N.D.A.Y"

No wonders Come Monstrous Mondays i start waiting for Freaky Fridays!!(as i post it on wee hours of Monday morning,its just 4 more days..)